About Us


Vitalinti is the search for great superfoods taken to the next level. This means they haven’t been altered or processed, we work with them in their natural form so we can maintain their natural properties and all of the nutrients they contain. We believe that a healthy lifestyle can be obtained with the correct foods, without altering the way you eat, just making it better.

Living is beautiful and exciting, making it better with great superfoods just makes everything easier for your body and the world that surrounds us. We promote healthy products that grow in the valleys and mountains of the Andes and in the Amazon rainforest of our country, Peru.

We are lucky to be from a country where rich, high-quality superfoods grow. This lets us create a fair trade with the farmers for their products, as well as a fair price for our consumers. We are dedicated on building close, lasting relationships with all of our stakeholders because good relationships let high quality superfoods come to you.

Why Vitalinti


On the incan history their most worshiped god was the Inti, which in quechua, the native language of the Incas, meant Sun. From their god sun is where they obtained a great year on agriculture and everything that surrounded the incan empire, wealth, food and vitality. As long as the sun was satisfied, the vitality of the empire would be assured. Vitalinti is the energy source from the sun that gives us the vitality for superfoods to happen.

When a great world wide company like Ecommodities starts its own brand good things take place. We are the search of great superfoods taken to the next level. We want you to experience what we love doing and that is making the best of every superfood. This is our invitation for you to start living. Welcome to Vitalinti. Enjoy!

Our team


Our team is as diverse as our geography. Communicators, business administrators and economists, working together to provide our clients with the best products. We oversee everything from their production up until they reach international markets.

We realize the importance of fulfilling our clients orders and standing by our contracts. To accomplish this we provide the necessary support, starting at the farmland and supervising all orders until they are shipped. Our goal is also to help improve our country´s ecology and provide the best natural products from the Andes and the Amazon rainforest.


SUPERFOOD PROMISE: Using the most health-boosting plants
in the world, we promise our superfoods with care at every step.



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Our Community is more than just those who enjoy our superproducts. All of our stakeholders are very important to us. Today helping each other is a must in every aspect of life. Not only as persons but as brands. In VITALINTI we are focused on having the best relationships with our farmers because great relationships give great superfoods.